quality policy

RCPL is professionally managed and assures Highest Quality, Certification and Product manufacturing standards. It provides high quality Green products and services, proficiently and competitively.
Our Focus is on providing Quality, through the entire product manufacturing and delivery cycle and is achieved by:

1. IS Code 2185 for production of hollow block
2. Compliance to IS: 13757 for production of Fly Ash bricks.

Production Process Checks:
• Constant monitoring of moisture content in the mix.
• Observation of texture, dimension and height.
• Evaluation of curing time.
• Routine plant checks as per manual.
• Regular maintenance with qualified technicians.


Standards :-

Material Checks
Aggregate and washed sand :-
Inspection is conducted for all procured aggregates and washed sand, to ensure consistency when graded. - Material samples are sent to independent laboratories for sieve analysis (grading), salt content, flakiness, organic impurities and absorption elongation.
Cement :-
ACC, Jaypee (OPC) of 43 & 53 Grade is used to ensure quality product.
Pigments :-
Compliance with required IS standards.

Storage of raw materials :-
All aggregates and sand used, are stored in separate (fully covered) bay areas, covered with plastic mesh to prevent dust settlement.

Calibration of weighing scale :-
Regular Technicians carry out Weighing scale calibration.
Mix Design Monitoring :-
Routine combine grading check.
Deliver :-
Deliver Quality products consistently on time with less than 2% wastage, at site.


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