hollow blocks


Dry cast concrete method is used for the manufacturing of Hollow Blocks with 4 cavities using variotronic compaction, which is the patented system involving state of the art vibration coupled with the compaction.

Concrete Blocks can be used for all types of construction whether residential or commercial, both for interior and exterior applications.


Advantages of Hollow Blocks :-

1. Highly durable and  Load Bearing:
The good concrete compacted by Variotronic Compaction and vibration gives substantial strength to the block over the ordinary Bricks. Blocks definitely have more strength than the Bricks.

2. Faster Construction:
It involves less masonry labour as it is easy to work with the bigger size.

3. Environment friendly:
Since fly ash is used as one of the raw materials, this makes the sustainable product eco-friendly.

4. Thermal and Sound Insulation:

The air in hollow of the block being a bad conductor does not allow outside heat or cold to pass through. So it keeps cool in summer and warm in winter.

5. Economical & Less Maintenance:
You find no salt peter or leaching on the concrete walls. The constructed area does not diminish its grandeur, for long. The walls remain same as new one. Colour and brilliance of masonry withstands the outdoor elements during all seasons.

6. Uniform Size Block:
Uniform size of the concrete Block leads to less consumption of the cement and sand due to fewer joints and bigger in size as compared to the Ordinary Bricks. Plaster of the walls is not necessary for plain finishing of the walls.

7. Fitting of Pipes Easier:
Proper cutting of the block walls by the Cutter Machine according to the size required makes the fitting of pipes easier.

8. Fire & Earthquake Resistance:
Due to the Strength and Durability of the Blocks, resistance to natural disasters is considerably increased.

9. Energy Efficient:
The Air inside these blocks prevents heat loss which make the building twice energy efficient and saves almost 50% of the electricity expenditure.

10. Reduction in Dead Load:
There is a noticeable reduction in total cost of any project using blocks being less dead load of walls.


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